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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our service and provide the answers here. As we recieve more feedback, we will update the FAQ section accordingly. If you need additional information or clarification, please contact our office or send an email to sarc@sarctravel.com.


Q: When can I get my ticket?

In most cases, tickets are ticketed the day we recieve payment. It usually takes approximately two to four days for them to arrive in the mail and once we recieve them, we'll immediately contact you to pick them up. We can also send them through the U.S Postal Service to your home address, which will take an additional 3-7 days.

If your departure date is within a week of ticketing, we suggest that you come to the office in person. If you are unable to do so, we can, for an additional fee, send the tickets to your home address through overnight mail.

Q: What documents will I need to bring to the office?

When you come to our office, you will be asked to bring several travel-related documents with you. Among these are:

  • Passports for each passenger traveling.
  • VISA or Greencard for each passenger traveling.

If paying by credit card, bring with you:

  • The credit card
  • A valid form of picture identification, such as a driver's license, of the credit card holder.

These documents will be copied and stored for our records. 

You may also fax front and back copies of these documents to our office at (703) 709-1272. Make sure that the photographs on the passport, VISA, Greencard and picture ID are legible.

Q: How much baggage am I allowed to bring with me?

Baggage allowance varies with each airline, but for most international travelers, airlines allow each passenger to bring:

  • One carry-on bag with a limit of 15lb.
  • One personal item (such as a pillow or a book)
  • Two checked bags with a limit of 50lb./62inches each.

Infants are allowed only one checked bag and a collapsible stroller.

Those who fail to meet these general criteria, will risk being charged an overweight baggage fee at the airport upon check-in.

If for any reason, you must bring additional bags, please contact either the airline or travel agency to inform them ahead of time. By doing so, overweight baggage fees are usually much less than if you were to check them in at the airport.

Domestic flights have different baggage requirements, which are usually less than international travel.

For more detailed information regarding your specific airline, you may call our office or visit the airline's website online. We have listed many major airlines in our Travel Links section.

Q: I would like to request special meals, certain seating accommodations, wheelchair services, etc. How do I do so?

We understand the concerns that each passenger may have when traveling and we would like to minimize any discomfort during your trip. Any special requests for meals, seating, hotel accommodations, inclusion of frequent flyer numbers, or wheelchair services should be given to your agent upon booking, or at least 24 hours before travel.

Q: How does infant fare apply to my child?

Infants are those who are who are at the age of 0-1 year old. A child is one who is 2-11 years of age. The infant must be within 0-1 year old by the date of departure. If your infant turns two years old at the time of return, then airlines usually charge the average of an infant and child ticket. [see also: Rules in Travel Links]

Q: My child will be traveling alone, without a parent or guardian present. What kind of service does the airline provide?

Service varies from airline to airline. Some discourage the travel of unaccompanied children by charging the child traveling the full adult fare, while others do not allow tickets to be issued at all. Please contact your travel agent regarding your particular airline.

Q: What is the difference between a paper ticket and an E-Ticket?

A paper ticket has all the flight information printed on it and is your pass to board and fly on the airplane. The advantage to having a paper ticket is that if for some reason your flight is cancelled, for non-weather reasons, you may speak to an agent of another airline and exchange your paper ticket to fly on that airline instead. The disadvantage to a paper ticket is that if you lose it, you will have essentially lost your ticket and will be unable to fly until you buy another ticket to replace the one you have lost. For some airlines, paper tickets must be requested and will come with an additional fee.

An E-Ticket (electronic ticket) indicates that you have a ticket within an airline's system and the itinerary and flight information is stored in the computer. Thus, you do not need to hold a paper ticket throughout your trip. Instead you will have a copy of the itinerary and a contract of carriage, which acts like a receipt of the E-Ticket. The advantage to having one is that your flight information will never be misplaced or lost and so even if you lose the contract of carriage, you can still arrive at the airport and they will have all your information on file. Most airlines issue E-Tickets automatically. The disadvantage to an E-Ticket is that if there is a non-weather cancellation, it will be hard to book a flight on another airline. Most likely, you will be placed on the next available flight of that same airline, no matter if it's hours later.

We encourage our passengers to have E-Tickets, whenever possible, to prevent accidental loss, damage, or misplacement of paper tickets.

Q: I made a reservation two weeks ago, but it has been cancelled. Why?

Reservations are automatically cancelled within a certain period of time if they have not been ticketed. If this is the case, our travel agents will contact you a few days after you have made your reservation to notify you that your seats have been cancelled and to ask if you would like to rebook them.

Sometimes seats are also cancelled by airlines due to unexpected flight cancellations or delays. If this is the case, airlines usually provide alternate flights, ask for you to reschedule or refund your ticket price.

Q: I need to return sooner than expected. Will I incur extra fees?

We strongly urge you to have a return date in mind that does not conflict with other prior engagements. But, we do understand that from time to time, unexpected events will force you to change your trip.

If the ticket has not been issued, there is no extra fee to change the departure or return date. Just contact our office and one of our travel agents will be happy to accommodate you.

However, if your ticket has already been issued, an additional fees will be assessed per passenger for each change. The change fee will depend on each individual airline, but it can range from $50-$300, plus the difference in class. This will be in addition to a $10 service fee for each passenger.

Passengers who indicate that they are unsure of their return date prior to booking, will be recommended to book their tickets on Pakistan International (PIA) or Gulf Air (GF), if routing allows, as these airlines allow an open ticket return date that are good for periods of six months to a year.

Q: What types of travel packages does SARC offer?

SARC Travel Bureau LLC prides ourselves on maintaining a diverse travel portfolio. Our two main travel packages are the Umra and Hajj. However, we also offer cruises and tours to many other countries such as Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia at competitive prices.