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Hajj Packages

Call SARC Travel Bureau LLC to find all the best deals. We offer many different types of packages, depending on your travel preference. Prices depend on the number of people traveling per group. Some include only Land Price, while others include airfare. You should contact our office for further information and more detailed itineraries. 

However, if you feel that these packages do not suit your needs and would like to customize your very own Hajj Package, please contact our office for more details.


VISA Requirements for Hajj

  • A passport, valid for six months from travel date.
  • Six recent passport-sized pictures against a white background. Please print your full name on the back of each photo.
  • An original medical certificate for a meningitus and cholera vaccination. 
  • If not an American citizen, a front and back copy of your greencard.
  • For husbands and wives traveling together, a clear copy of marriage certificate.
  • Women traveling alone will require a notarized permission letter from their mahrams.
  • Women over 45 years of age traveling alone will need a no objection letter from their husband/son/brother.
  • For children traveling with their parents, a clear copy of a birth certificate is needed.


**Please note that prices are subject to availability and can change without warning. To ensure that your booking is confirmed, contact your agent to make a deposit.**